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2018-2019 Product Catalogs

March 22nd, 2018 by oliviam

New ITC product catalogs are right around the corner! Stay tuned for an official release date.

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The Invention of the Pontoon Boat

February 23rd, 2018 by oliviam

Pontoon boats have a history that can be traced as far back as the 11th century BC when the Chinese Zhou Dynasty used pontoons to create bridges for marching soldiers. However, it is Ambrose Weeres who is credited with inventing the modern-day pontoon boat in 1951. Coming from Minnesota, “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Weeres desired a watercraft that would be able to support his family out on the lake. He tied a wooden deck on top of two steel barrels and thus, the pontoon boat was born.

Weeres’ pontoon boat, was a simple floating platform—no bells and whistles. Called The Empress, this boat was designed to provide a more buoyant and sturdier option for groups of people, than traditional fishing boats of the time.

Weeres thought that his invention might appeal to other boaters in the area and formed Weeres Industry Corporation—the first pontoon boat manufacturing company—in 1952. Weeres received 40 orders his first year in business. Now, his boats can be found floating as far away as the Nile and Thames Rivers. Needless to say, the pontoon industry has changed a bit since Weeres’ first invention.

As the pontoon trend started to catch on, other manufacturers joined the mix. In the late 1950s, manufacturers started using aluminum barrels, instead of steel. This change created lighter boats and offered more body style options.

In the 1960s, Harris FloteBote changed the pontoon industry dramatically when they installed upholstered seats and furniture into their boats.

Following this innovation, the focus shifted from simple function, to high-end amenities and performance. Features such as wet bars, built-in coolers, changing rooms and stereo systems became popular, as did bigger and more powerful engines.

Pontoons used to be considered boats of leisure that didn’t go fast and were soley for relaxation, while speedboats were meant for water sports. Now, pontoon boats come with larger engines and are able to tow skiiers, tubers, and wakeboarders with ease.

Pontoon boats bring a comfortable living area onto the water and have an abundance of space that allows for groups of people. This and the fact that pontoon boats are crossover boats by design, could contribute to their growing popularity.

Whether you want to fish, enjoy water sports or relax comfortably, pontoon boats make it possible to do it all.

This versatility and the flexibility of price points make pontoon boats a popular option for boaters of all ages. Customers can pick a boat that fits their needs and fits into their budget. From simple, economical options to over-the-top luxury options. There are dozens of layout, color and technology add-on options.

ITC has been able to create products that evolve with this ever-changing industry, starting with our ski tow back in the 1980s. We also manufacture quality wine glass and bottle holders, table legs, functional lighting, LED cup holders and, our latest product, the VersiControlTM Smart System. All of these products bring more personalization and entertainment on board pontoons.

As the pontoon boat industry continues to thrive, we look forward to seeing the next big innovation. You never know, maybe the “next big thing” will come from ITC.

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VersiControl™ Smart System

December 5th, 2017 by cassiel

ITC introduces VersiControlTM, the RGB lighting control system that takes RGB lighting to new levels. The ability to set up and individually control zones of lighting on the interior or exterior with an all-in-one 4-zone control pad and/or a smart phone app makes controlling the multi-zone lighting simple and fun. Part entertainment and part function, the state-of-the-art VersiControl package gives users nearly unlimited options for lighting control.

The unobtrusive, intuitive, and powerful control pad allows for basic operation and control of lighting systems including, color selection, color cycling speed, individual on/off zone control, dimming, all white “instant on” feature for quick visual confirmations, and resume settings.

The unique custom designed phone app increases the functionality of the VersiColor RGB LED lighting product line with all the same features as the pad control, plus additional features such as favorite color saves, light to music interface, tutorials, and custom color selection settings with build your own color palate feature. The app is designed to accept future effects upgrades as they are launched, keeping the product relevant for many years.

The VersiControl pad and phone app work in conjunction with each other and pads can be added to the system to allow for complete control of the VersiColor LED RGB lights from anywhere in the unit. The control module can also communicate with a digital dash setup via the boat/RV CAN system. Integrating control of the lighting into the other controls of the unit provides a favorable and complete user experience.

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IBEX 2017 Summary!

September 28th, 2017 by cassiel

IBEX is dedicated to advancing the marine industry by bringing together all professionals in the marine industry. The 2017 show, featured over 650 exhibitors and brought the top leaders and educators in the industry to offer all attendees cutting edge seminars.

At this year’s show, ITC presented more customization options, more cutting-edge products, and sneak peeks of future products sure to be new industry standards. ITC’s interactive booth brought the VersiColor and VersiControl product line to life, featuring the newest controls and state of the art phone app! The innovative lit counter top was a showstopper with the VersiColor RGB technology incorporated. The newest industry LED navigation light, the Flip Navigation light, provides high efficient LEDs with a flip mechanism to stow the light flat into the floor when not in use.

Overall, IBEX was another successful show, giving ITC’s customers an opportunity to experience our cutting-edge products for today and tomorrow. We would like to thank everyone who was able to visit ITC at the show even with the uncertainty of the hurricane. For all those affected by the storm we wish you all the best as you start to regroup and rebuild.

Any information you requested will be coming soon! For all other questions, comments, or concerns please contact

Check our sales team testing our booth before the show here!

IBEX 2017 – Experience ITC Lighting!

September 13th, 2017 by cassiel

IBEX is on for 2017! ITC will again show some of our best-selling products that have become industry standards, along with new industry forward products. ITC is working hard to meet the needs of the marine industry today and provide exciting cutting-edge products for tomorrow. We are also bringing even more lighting customization options with additions to the VersiControl Product Line.

Check out the video of our Sales and Marketing Team testing our booth to make sure it provided all the eye-catching, innovative products you’re looking for.

We will be in booth 1450 and trust us you don’t want to miss out. But if you do; keep a look out for our IBEX 2017 follow-up summaries in the following weeks!

Moving Dates – From Holland MI to Hudsonville MI

July 17th, 2017 by cassiel

-As we prepare for the big move from Holland, MI to Hudsonville, MI next week, here are a few dates to keep in mind!

Closed for the Holiday!

June 30th, 2017 by cassiel

Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend! ITC will be closed Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday, July 4th, we will reopen July 5th.

2017-2018 RV & Marine Product Catalog is Here!

June 19th, 2017 by cassiel

The Latest and Greatest

Check out our newest completely redesigned edition of the 2017-2018 Marine/RV Product Catalog, including many great new products and a whole new approach to decorative lighting! ITC understands that decorative lighting is a personal choice, so our 2017-2018 catalog provides you with a peek at just some of our options available to you. We recommend you work directly with one of our highly qualified sales professionals to determine which products and finishes work best for your needs.

What’s New?

Along with the quality products that have become industry standards, ITC has released a number of new products. Below, is just a sample of some of the new products you do not want to miss:

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ITC Headquarters is on the Move From Holland MI to Hudsonville MI!

June 16th, 2017 by cassiel

For the past few years, ITC headquarters has been heading toward our current situation of “busting-at-the-seams”. ITC employees have been making the most out of every possible space in the Holland facility, by sharing office spaces, reducing the office footprint sizes to squeeze in more people, and jockeying for conference room time as we continued to grow the ITC Team. After an in-depth search, ITC is so excited to announce we finally found that perfect space to call our new home! 3030 Corporate Grove Drive, Hudsonville MI, about fifteen minutes east of our current building, is were ITC will put out our new sign and start down a new path full of growth. ITC is preparing the new building with a complete remodel, gutting the outdated mauve cabinets and counters, taking down walls, building out new space for production and test lab, as well as adding a large common area to support teamwork and collaboration. The last piece of the puzzle is a good size investment in equipping the building with the best and latest technology to streamline our daily customer responses.

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Radiance X2™ Receives Patent For Innovative Design

April 19th, 2017 by cassiel

The ITC Radiance X2 is the first bezel free rectangular overhead in the industry! The bezel free design prevents shadowing to provide uninterrupted illumination, and blends in with headliners for a seamless appearance. The X2 provides double the illumination of a “regular square overhead” resulting in fewer required installed lights. Available in three LED color options to fit into any design.

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