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ITC Introduces RGBW Lighting to the Marine Industry

September 25th, 2018 by oliviam

RGB lighting has become the standard option in many boat models. ITC’s LED cupholders, speaker rings, and accent lighting can be controlled by a smartphone and are able to illuminate to the beat of your favorite song. Now, ITC is taking lighting and control to the next level by bringing RGBW technology to the marine industry for the first time ever.

Standard RGB lighting utilizes three LED chips; red, green, and blue. These chips can be turned on individually or together to create over 16 million different hues*. Turning all three chips on-at 100% brightness-results in an extremely cool white light.

RGBW has a fourth LED chip that allows for a pure, high-quality white light and provides additional color temperature options. By mixing the white chip with the red, green, and blue chips, RGBW light fixtures are able to produce warm, neutral, or cool white lighting temperatures. Functionality that isn’t possible with RGB lighting.

RGBW is an advanced option for high-tech lighting. It is an ideal option for customers that want to the ability to control their lighting intensity and color, while also having RGB color options.

Our VersiControl™ RGBW Smart System is able to be paired with all ITC VersiColor™ RGBW and RGB lighting products. This technology will give your customers even more control over their lighting experience while providing high quality light output.

Stop by booth 1452 at IBEX (or contact to see this product and get more information about release date and technical specifications.

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*16 million hues determined by the fact that red, green, and blue have values ranging from 0 to 255. 256^3=16,777,216. Not all of these hues are detectable to the human eye.