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Cypress & MOD Table Leg Features & Benefits

July 8th, 2022 by rebeccav

As trends and seasonal activity shift towards broader use in the marine and RV industries, flexibility and functionality are top of the list for boat and RV users. When choosing products and upgrades, more customers are considering multi-purpose and space-saving models in addition to durability.

As the focal point for meals, games, and socializing, a sturdy yet stylish table system is a necessity for those spending more time on the road or water. A table system that performs well and stands up to wear should integrate seamlessly into the space and feel like a true part of an RV or boat rather than a last-minute addition.

For a table system to weather the seasons and endure the constant motion of a boat or RV, it must start with the foundation—a durable, high-quality table leg is an essential part of a sturdy table leg system. In addition to structural integrity, the limited spaces of boats and RVs require flexibility—the ability to rearrange a space for different needs is becoming more and more important as people spend more time traveling and enjoying recreational activities.

Explore the features and benefits of two of our top-selling table leg systems below and discover high-performance table leg options that will ensure a secure table in any application or environment.

MOD Table Leg System

To expand movement possibilities in limited quarters, the MOD Table Leg System can redefine spaces, acting as a dining table, desk, crafting space, or more depending on where it’s placed. The leg can seamlessly change positions while maintaining only one mounting location. Plus, with a second wall base, customers can create additional flexibility to move a tabletop wherever it’s needed most for various activities.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • The mounting plate on the wall allows for placement in areas with limited floor space.
  • A robust, plastic shim can provide added depth as needed to allow proper rotation off the wall.
  • The leg is height adjustable with a 360° swivel to go from eating to working, and more.
  • Easy, quick removal makes the system perfect to stow away when the table is not being used.

For the full product description, specifications, installation instructions, and more, view the MOD Table Leg System on our website.

Cypress™ Table Leg Kit

The Cypress™ Table Leg is engineered with durable aluminum to ensure a secure, wobble-free surface, even when used in a single leg application. Just like the tree it was named after, the sturdy, weather-resistant Cypress Leg will last through the seasons and keep steady for years to come.

Features and Benefits:

  • The 2.5″ diameter heavy duty leg combined with the large floor base provides a wobble-free system.
  • The added locking feature on the twist-lock floor base ensures a superior connection.
  • Quick, easy removal makes the system perfect to stow away when more space is needed.

For the full product description, specifications, installation instructions, and more, view the Cypress™ Table Leg Kit on our website.