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ITC Marine

itc_marine_logo_150x115ITC Marine has been serving the Marine market since its beginnings with the introduction of a ski tow and horn. Today our Marine line has grown to include our popular LED docking lights, LED drink holders, LED accent lighting, LED strip lighting, navigation lights, table support systems, decorative lighting, and more. ITC develops products that combine function and design, giving manufacturers the quality components that set their products apart.

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itc_logo_150x115ITC Incorporated is a service driven design and manufacturing company that continually meets the needs of its customers through engineering innovation and quality design. Through groundbreaking custom and proprietary products, ITC has produced 50+ patents that meet customer needs and exceed industry expectations on quality, timely deliveries, and customer service. The core values of ITC revolve around developing customer relationships through listening and building trust. These relationships lead to value-oriented products and services that create an atmosphere of mutual respect and commitment with its employees that transcends to all ITC products & services. The end result of these core values is a customer-oriented company that is constantly innovating within its industry.

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