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LED Push Lens Switch Courtesy Light

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  • Available with 3 or 9 LEDs
  • 3 LED version is watertight and suitable for exterior use
  • Simple push lens ON/OFF operation
  • Prismatic lens for soft pleasing glow
  • Easy screw installation with hidden fasteners
  • Perfect solution for many marine and RV applications where a discrete switch is required on the light fixture
  • LED technology fosters long life while reducing energy consumption
  • 50,000 hour estimated life
  • Mercury, Lead & UV free
  • White or blue incandescent bulb options available
Part Number: 69331XX-3-YYE, 69330C-XX9-YYE [ XX = Bezel Finish ] BK = Black, SS = Stainless Steel, BS = Brushed Stainless (BS not offered for watertight option) [ YY = Color Temperature ] 3K = 3000K 6K = 6000K BL = Blue (BL only offered for watertight option), 81330-XX (incandescent option) [XX = Bezel Finish] SS = Stainless Steel, B = Black, BL = Blue bulb option (only stainless steel bezel option available) Category: Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Additional information

Bezel Finish

Black (69331BL-3-3K) (69331BL-3-6K) (69331BL-3-BL) (6930BL-9-3K) (69330BL-9-6K), Stainless Steel (69331SS-3-3K) (69331SS-3-6K) (69331BK-3-BL) (69330SS-9-3K) (69330SS-9-6K), Brushed Stainless (69330BS-9-3K)

LED Quantity

3 LEDs (69331WH-3-3K) (6933BK-3-3K) (69331SS-3-3K) (69331WH-3-6K) (69331BK-3-6K) (69331SS-3-6K), 9 LEDs (69330WH-9-3K) (6930BK-9-3K) (69330SS-9-3K) (69330WH-9-6K) (69330BK-9-6K) (69330SS-9-6K)



LED Color

3000K (69331WH-3-3K) (6933BK-3-3K) (69331SS-3-3K) (69330WH-9-3K) (6930BK-9-3K) (69330SS-9-3K), 6500K (69331WH-3-6K) (69331BK-3-6K) (69331SS-3-6K) (69330WH-9-6K) (69330BK-9-6K) (69330SS-9-6K), BLUE: (69331WH-3-BL) (6933BK-3-BL) (69331SS-3-BL)


3 LED: 40 LM, 9 LED: 82 LM


3 LED: 1.15 W, 9 LED: 2.16W, 5 W (Incandescent)



Amp Draw

3 LED: 0.096 A, 9 LED: 0.18 A, .41 A (Incandescent)